Local Intervention Network for Kids, INC, known as the L.I.N.K. Mentoring Program was established in 2007 as a school-based mentoring program that focused on character building and leadership skills. The L.I.N.K. Mentoring Program serviced over 3,000 middle school youth at four Metro Detroit area Charter Schools and was funded through the U.S. Department of Education. In 2018, the name was changed to L.I.N.K. Program due to expanding the mentoring objective to include Workforce Development and Entrepreneurship.

The L.I.N.K. Program currently operates in schools in the Metro Detroit area, targeting students in grades 3-8. Our volunteer mentors consist of the Wayne State University Men’s Basketball team, automotive engineers, and other members of the community.  Students learn about non-traditional careers in traditional career fields, college/vocational opportunities, and entrepreneurship through hands-on projects, guest speakers, company tours, and collaborative research.  In addition, the L.I.N.K. Program promotes networking opportunities for mentors, mentees, and community business owners.

Our Mission

To provide impactful mentorship where youth explore their career interests and aspirations as well as develop their knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Our Goal 

To help youth in pursuit of their passion by helping them become knowledgeable of their career and entrepreneurship options through mentoring.